Victory Nostalgia Super Stock Series


The Victory NSS Association is made up of a group of men and women of different ages and with diverse backgrounds. They are united in a love of Drag Racing and especially Nostalgia Super Stock Racing. Thanks to the support of Victory Performance Parts and our many other Sponsors, the Victory NSS Series was developed to provide a venue for these men and women to enjoy and share their Hobby with their fans. Located in the Mid-west, the Victory NSS Series offers a group of Points Races. The Victory Series not only provides a great purse and prizes at each race venue, there are points awarded towards a year end Champion and big money and prizes for the top ten in points. 1959 to 1969 are considered the Glory Days of Muscle Cars and Drag Racing. During this time, the Big Three Automakers in Detroit battled for supremacy both on the streets and on the strips. They put Big Block Motors with multiple carburetors in lightened Sedans and Hardtops, making these cars the dream of Gear Heads to own and race. This dream continues today at the Victory NSS Points Series. The Victory NSS Association and their fans are reliving the Glory a ¼ mile at a time. Come join the fun and comradery of Victory NSS Series, we’ll see you at the Races!

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